At EMS IT SOLUTION, we believe passionately that having the right IT support is pivotal for the success of any business. To ensure our ability to provide effective support, each member of our team is a certified IT professional, trained in multiple technologies and methodologies.

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Our core values of Integrity, Customer Service, Accountability, Teamwork and Innovation guide our decisions and shape our commitment to exceed expectations.
Sustainability is at the core of our corporate strategy
and our ambition remains to be recognized as a
world leader in providing innovative IT solutions
to help our clients become more sustainable.
We will not just ask how virtualization, mobility and smart management of real-time data can combine to boost agility and operational excellence in the short term. We will help you ensure that these standards can be maintained in the face of radical business and social change.


Our purpose is to help businesses increase efficiency and productivity through the simplification of complex IT processes.


We evaluate existing processes and infrastructure to identify areas of improvement, and propose suitable IT solutions based on business requirements.

  • Microsoft – Office 365 Setup and Migration
  • Cloud Services (Including migrates server from Physical to Virtual)
  • Citrix Design ,Built and Maintenance
  • Exchange Design Built and Maintenance. (Support Exchange 2003
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Our experts are highly trained professionals with exceptional customer service. EMS IT Solution offers a wide range of services for all our customers, from individuals and small businesses, to corporations and government entities.

  • Graphic Design
  • Static and Dynamic Website
  • Shopping Cart
  • Web Hosting
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We ensure that the brand and style guidelines established are rigorously followed and that every step in our creative software design process produces results that reinforce our clients’ brand identity and style.
No process is complete without feedback and every stage in the execution cycle involves our clients through discussions, demos, presentations
Our quality assurance activities go beyond testing and ensure that the delivered end-results are in line with the requirements expressed and the project scope.
The production phase is the actual build-out phase where the concepts and designs are translated into real and tangible designs.

IT Skills

Microsoft - Office 365 Setup and Migartion
Cloud Services
Citrix Design ,Built and Maintenance
Exchange Design Built and Maintenance
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Web Skills

Graphic Design
Web Development
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Buildland Australia
EMS IT SOLUTION strengths lies in its resources, expertise and sound knowledge of the Web Development. The company delivers top quality finishes and incredible transformations turning dreams into real
Quick Formwork
EMS IT SOLUTION managed the design and build of our new website. The whole team was friendly, professional and we are extremely satisfied with the end result.
Micorp Holdings
Service was second to none right from the beginning of the project. We felt they understood what we wanted and delivered more than we could have hoped for. We would highly recommend EMS IT SOLUTION to